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Emotions Mentor podcast

Feb 27, 2019

Did you know the gut is like a second brain? It can affect us in so many different ways. One way it affects us is through our mental health. Eating right can do more for your body than you may have ever known! 

Feb 20, 2019

Join Rebecca Hintze M.Sc., Danielle Daniel LCSW, PsyD candidate, and special guest Sharon Ho as they explain and discover energy and how to use it to heal your life. 

Feb 14, 2019

Do you have ADHD? Do you know someone who has ADHD? 

Here we talk about what ADHD is and natural solutions for it! 

Feb 4, 2019

Sometimes being anxious is normal, but what happens when those feelings become too frequent and you can't easily calm yourself? Here we explore the most common mental illness, anxiety. 

Feb 4, 2019

Social media and technology have a big impact in our emotional world.