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Emotions Mentor podcast

Oct 26, 2022

This podcast is SO BORING.

Actually, it's about why being bored can be used as a strategy to help your brain relax.


Want to improve your mental health?

Put that phone down, don't answer that text or email, and let yourself be bored.


Host: Rebecca Hintze

Guest Speaker: Shane Hintze

Oct 19, 2022

Find out how the 5 Whys technique might be the most effective method for you.


The method is remarkably simple: when a problem occurs, you drill down to its root cause by asking "Why?" five times.


See what happens when Rebecca Hintze tests this technique on Jessica and Teresa. The outcome is pretty remarkable…


Oct 12, 2022

We are celebrating our 150th podcast episode!


To get the party started, we’re rolling the best content from our top episodes into one special, value packed, highlight reel!


We dive even deeper into the most popular topics, providing you a powerful sense of connection in a challenging and uncertain time.



Oct 5, 2022

How do we process the hurricanes of life?

Do you need solutions to dealing with trauma and working through it in real time?

Join Rebecca and Shane Hintze as they discuss a real life hurricane and liken that to the emotional struggles we all face at one time or another.

Learn the top tips on how to not only weather...