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Emotions Mentor podcast

Jan 26, 2022

Learn simple ways to make goals and crush them!


Three "R's" lead to great success, Reminder, Routine, Reward.


What does that mean?

Listen to this weeks podcast to learn how simple and effective it is to make big changes.


Host: Rebecca Hintze

Guest Speaker: Teresa Linder

Jan 19, 2022

Dr. David Steuer joins Rebecca Hintze to talk about the Power of the Smile.


Smiling is a simple neuro-hack to increase all the feel-good chemicals to brain.


Smiling can make or break someones day and it costs you nothing.


So smile more, be confident and be happy.


Host: Rebecca Hintze

Guest Speaker: Dr. David...

Jan 12, 2022

3 Simple Truths to Create Happiness


Anyone: Want to be happy?

Me: … Duh! Yes, Please!

This EM Episode: Here are 3 Simple Truths!


Join Shane and Rebecca Hintze as they discuss three things that could change your life.


Don't let this year be the same as all the rest, dig in, do the work, break down those walls and...

Jan 5, 2022

You don’t always get what you want….



In this episode, Rebecca and Sharon share some secrets on how to truly manifest what you want.


It’s all about the process of narrowing down specifics as to what you are manifesting. Learn how you get out of your own way.


Ask yourself and answer some hard...