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Emotions Mentor podcast

May 25, 2022

Let's talk about the one thing that could change the world.


What is that one thing? It's Judgement.


How do we move away from judgement and move into discernment? Rebecca and Sharon dive into the topic in a way that moves you to self-love and when we love ourselves, we can love others more easily.


Host: Rebecca...

May 18, 2022

Tackle your triggers in today’s episode. Talking about your triggers, acknowledging them, understanding them and letting go can be life changing.


Rebecca and Hillary guide us through things you can do right now to make a difference in your life and how you deal with anxiety.


Host: Rebecca Hintze

Guest Speaker:...

May 11, 2022

Can your thoughts and beliefs impact your health?


What does your thought pattern or your family belief system tell you?


Open your mind to the idea that thoughts and patterns can have a direct correlation to your health.


If this is true, can you change your belief to heal?

Find out in today's podcast.



May 5, 2022

We’re  kicking off mental health month by helping you break cycles of unhealthy behavior by unlearning the patterns that keep you stuck. 


Start by asking yourself some tough questions to increase your awareness. Your happiness is your responsibility.


Let’s help you to throw out whats not working and bring in...